Founded in 2016, Peripheral is the Hudson Valley's first and only natural wine festival. We offer an unlimited tasting of naturally fermented wine, fruit wine, cider, beer, makgeolli, vermouth, kombucha, and other beverages produced with a dedication to organic practices, native yeast fermentation, and minimal intervention.

Our small-scale farmers and makers hail from the Hudson Valley, the Northeast, the greater USA, and all over the world. We host both established and brand-new producers; for some of them, Peripheral will be the very first time they share their work with the public.

Your ticket purchase gives you the chance to meet these talented and passionate producers, taste hundreds of natural beverages, mingle with likeminded wine lovers, and pause for lunch from our favorite local restaurants.

Peripheral gives all of our producers the option to participate for free, unlike many other fairs which charge a fee to pour. This means we are able to welcome the smallest, newest, scrappiest and most creative winemakers around. Come fill your glass with the best of their work!

Map showing where to find natural wine in the Hudson Valley area